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Topic: I want to learn Kazakh

Author Message
Asim Atay
10-11-05 17:09
Hi Everybody,
I have had the chance of living in Almaty for two years,you have a beautiful country and very nice people...
During the project unfortunately i only spoke english and a little Russian..
But now i realize that i made a big mistake with not trying to learn Kazakhsha while i was at the mother country of the language.It is very hard to find usefull sources here in Istanbul..I found some pages in the internet,but they are not sufficient...
Then i luckily found this website and decided to share my opinions with the participants, hoping to get in touch with the persons with whom i may get some help on learning Kazakh Language.
Best Regards,

Author Answer
zaker Naiman
18-03-13 12:51
Hello zira!
i have an ethnic Kazakh background from Naiman tribe of Afghanistan, but unfortunately we forgot our ana langauge in the past years in afghansitan so i would be glad if you, can be helpful for me, if its possible, i can learn via the mail and get daily words of yours.
thanks and rehmat sizdin
04-04-12 05:11
Hi, if you want to improve your language skills you should go to a site www.oybay.kz. Where you can find kazakh news + audio + vocabulary. To truth, there is russian translate for vocabulary.
14-04-10 19:11
the problem is none if you want learn Kazakh lagunage i will learn this langunage!

21-09-07 21:19
Hello, everyone!!! I am kazakh girl!!! I live in Kazakhstan and stay in Almaty!!! I can speak in Kazakh language fluently, But I have any problems with my English!!! ANd i want to suggest if you have any questions everybody can ask me, and i help you, but i want also improve my English!!! Lets Exchange with our Knowledge!!!
13-04-06 20:21
Hi, I think they are right there are lot of sudents over there, and I am sure they will be glad to help, if you have some questions just e mail me i will help you

To Asiim
29-03-06 02:38
Hi! If you want to learn kazakh you
should go to the district of Zeytinburnu in Istanbul
Are you turk?
Bye bye!!

23-03-06 06:33
I thought there were Kazakh villages in the surroundings of Istanbul... so if you really want it it should not be a problem for you.
17-03-06 21:25
Salem Asim. kazaksha soilegin kelse magan habarlas
14-03-06 20:55
I can recommend a CD set to help you study Kazakhsha. It has videos, flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes. Try this site http://calico.org/CALICO_Review/review/critkazakh00.htm Cut and paste into your browser. Sau bul!
13-03-06 11:09
Hi Asim i read you message and i think that i can help you . Write me and may be i will teach you
12-03-06 18:47
Is there any information about kazakh language in internet? Which sites can you advice me?
10-03-06 11:43
hello people !!! I am looking for people who are in Istanbul ! please send me a message with your cell phone number. I need 2 pumps to be bought in Mercedes Shop and transported to DHL.
send me email or +7 333 221 3700

10-03-06 11:05
Well, if you learned Turkish, you can learn kazak very fast!
26-02-06 15:00
I'm not kazakh girl, but I'm very interested in your language, so I would like to learn it. Help me please!
15-02-06 15:10
Hello. Asim I am glad that somebody is interested in my language. Let me ask you one may be inconvinient question what is your nationality? Why are you eager to learn Kazakh now? May be I can help you.
15-02-06 14:50
Hello Asim,

nasilsin?? iyimisin??
i live in kazkahstan, stay in Almaty. So i a working for a turkish comapny here, that is why aware of little turkish, u r most welcome to come online in MSN: kamila_loreal@hotmail.com
19-01-06 14:52
Hello Asim. I'm kazakh. I live in KZ. I know my language very good, but my eng. isn't good. How can I help you? If you want to learn Kazakh lang. write me.
Men goi
12-12-05 17:21
The language is beautiful & rich indeed.In two years u coulda learn a lot:] I'm glad that u r willin to know our language,cuz it's suxxx that even some kazakhs don't speak & not willin to do that stuff.Luck.
26-11-05 15:00
hello asim
i am in urumqi china .i can speak chiese .and can speak my native language kazakhsha very good.
I wish you understend this words :
ana teleng areng bul,
uyateng bop tur bette.
ozge teldeng baren bel,
oz telengde hurmette. oz teleng berlek ushen .ozge tel terlek ushen.
24-11-05 01:37
It's not a problem. Because in Istanbul many students from KZ. I advise you find them.
22-11-05 20:29
Good luck and wish you all the best! Sorry I can not help you! Im Kazak but Im staying at Hungary and I cant speak my mother tong.

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