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Topic: Kazakhs with Green Card

Author Message
21-07-09 00:17
Hello to everyone!
I was curious to know if anyone had experience in dealing with the reporting requirements the Kazakh government imposes on Kazakhs who become permanent residents of the United States. Specifically, if I obtain a green card in the US do I have to report this to the Kazakh embassy in Washington? If I do not, do I violate any laws of Kazakhstan. I do not want to lose my Kazakh citizenship.
Please respond by email.
Thank you.

Author Answer
21-08-09 22:03
Ok, so finally after several weeks try I got hold of someone over the phone. They asked my last name and my address and said that he is going to stamp my passport and mail it to me. So I feel like that my documents were in a pile of other documents and unless I called them they would have stayed there for who knows how long.
02-08-09 02:37
I will let you know when I get my passport back, which could take 2-3 more weeks at best. I really wanted to go visit Almaty in September, hope I will have it by then.
Oh, and you can t leave phone messages to the consulate, cause they will never get back to you anyway.
29-07-09 21:37
Aika, thank you for the information. I see that you are in the process of getting your passport stamped. Could you let me know how everything turns out?
25-07-09 00:17
Hi Alma,
You have to get your passport stamped that says that you are permanently staying in the USA. This has to be done withing 3 years of your stay here. It s just $50. And you do provide all the information starting from your social security card copy, other docs, your marital status, and your current address.
I just got my passport renewed, and they forgot to put the stamp on it, so I am going through this all over again.
24-07-09 22:35
that is a very important issue. i am interested in what others have heard on this.

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