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Topic: I need your help!!!

Author Message
just me
02-12-05 12:27
Hi everybody!!!
Could you pls help me with this f...ng definite article 'the'
which one is right to use: The Ministry of Finance or just Ministry of Finance
I guess there are a lot of clever guys who can help me.
I would appriciate your promt reply very much!!!

Author Answer
02-03-08 13:33
I think you should use zero article here. I have read something about this some days ago.
16-02-06 14:34
You should use "the" as its commonly used in official language like this and refering to gramma it is the most correct way.
21-12-05 10:13
You should use "The ".
15-12-05 01:14
There are so many details about language, but then when it comes to actual use, it's not that rigid at all. As you learn, it'll be more natural and easier.

Good luck
15-12-05 01:12
Sure, feel free to ask for help - English is a hard language - but you seem to be pretty good at it!

And grammar stinx, too... :-)
just me
12-12-05 07:55
I thought that nobody was going to reply,

Best regads
07-12-05 06:32
I think just Ministry... It's funny because here it's usually Department of ... whatever.

Good luck, and keep up your work!

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