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Форум: Job
Topic: Job openings in new language school

Author Message
11-09-10 06:52
A new multi language school in the lower-centre Almaty region has just opened, and potential for growth is positive. This would transcend too, to the right calbre candidate who joins our team. Primarily, we are seeking English teachers (both native and non-native), who are willing to develop and most of all, can teach and understand customer service!
English teachers are most in demand, but please feel free to enquire if you can also teach other foreign languages.
Warm regards

Author Answer
21-11-10 15:46
I am about job that you offer. I have incredible ability with everything which you need. I do not want write anymore will see everything in interview. I am looking forward to answer from you. Regarding Nursultan!!!!!
10-11-10 13:20
Hello,Jackson,how are you? very nice to meet you here.I am from China,i can teach both Chinese and english,could you please let me know if this school would intrested in me? if it is possible i can send my CV to your email adress, looking forward to hear from you soon!

Additionally i am kazakh but from China,i have all of the documents done required for working in kazakhstan legally.

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