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Topic: A question to all Kazakhs...

Author Message
12-03-11 17:36
Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and in good health. Just firstly to mention my condolences to all the deceased in Japan with the current situation there, not to mentio the arab world, also condolonces to them too.
I am a young man from London, England and now for my question, I would like to know; and remember please this question is addressed to Kazakhs (gender is unimportant)..Okay, If somebody said you are a great-great- grand-child of Gengiz Khan, woud you be offended or would you be proud?
Thank you for taking the time to read my short message and I look forward to your answers. Warmest Regards.

Author Answer
24-12-12 18:55
No time to think about such things !!!
23-12-12 10:40
If I am told that I am a great-...-great child of Gengiz Khan I would be very proud. I am proud of being Kazak now. I am sure that my generation tree somehow crosses with that of Gengiz Khan.
15-12-12 16:43
I know personally one of the grand child of Gengiz Khan he is proud of it, and what? he works as a fireman in Kaztransoil.
someone new
04-12-12 03:43
more offended than proud
06-11-12 13:54
I would not care
29-10-12 12:06
neither actually! Why do you ask question like that? as for me this does`n give any sense. I mean, I do not care weather I am child of great grand GENGIZ KHAN or not!)) It is more important who you are than who is your ancestors)))
24-10-12 20:25
I am glad that i muslim
11-09-12 23:53
Personally, I would be proud because he was a great man for his time. But I am afraid there is small chance to be his direct descendant as he was originally from Mongolia, spoke in a different language and even their tradition was so different. I like history especially about Gengiz Khan. So in my eyes there is no bad thing of that.

12-05-12 20:08
Of course proud it is like saying that you are descendant of queen Victory, not quite but still.
03-03-12 20:06
I would personally not be offended!
20-04-11 13:22
dear author, Are u kazakh ???

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