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Akmuldiyev Azamat Alpamysovich
13-05-11 15:33
Personal  Date of birth: 05.04.83 Atyrau obl.
 Nationality: Kazakh
 Marital status: Married
Objective To show own potential and to gain unavailable experience.
Education 2000- 2003 y.y. Atyrau Humanitarian-Technical College
Faculty: Oil-well and gas-well drilling
Specialty: technician-mechanic

2003-2006 y.y. Kazakh National technical university
named after K.I. Satpayev.
Faculty: development and exploitation of oil field
Specialty: oil-engineer

2004 y. Driving license В, С. ТCO LDV NTC

2004 y. English courses in LLP «Kazakh til kogamy»
Computer courses: Windows, MS Word, Excel, Access
Power Point, Internet Explorer.

Interests Computers, reading books, sport
Languages Kazakh language – native
Russian language – fluent
English language – upper intermediate (written / spoken)
2008 Kentech Kazakhstan Technical Services LLP, D-Island KASHAGAN

Position: HSE Work Permit Coordinator
- Identifying the scheduled scope of work and filling up a general work permit.
- Filling in the work permit in predominant language
- Reviewing the scheduled scope of work along with supervisor to find more acceptable procedure.
- Monitoring the unsafe conditions defined by supervisor
- Communicating to work responsible person (team, if required) of:
а) scope of work:
б) applied instruction, rules and safety procedures as well as near-misses
- Getting general work permit signed and keeping until expiration date.
- Attending working site, if required, to ensure proper preparation and compliance with work permit and HSE requirements.
- Stop the work when it is unsafe and take elimination measures.
- Getting industrial equipment and operation stopped if they don’t comply with safety requirements and may result in injury
- Rending first aid in case of accident.
- Organizing and performing actions on developing of HSE internal regulations
2008 Graham Manufacturing Kazakhstan LLP, TCO Plant
Position: Safety engineer
Job duties: above mentioned
2007 - 2008 Kentech Kazakhstan Technical Services LLP, Tengiz SGP
Position: HSE Work Permit Coordinator
Job duties: above mentioned
2002 - 2007 ESS Support Services LLP, TCO Plant
Position: Driver
Additional Information
TCO driving permit
Certificate about completion of forklift operating course
Certificate about completion of H2S course
Certificate about completion of ANSUL fire extinguisher course
Certificate about completion of TCO work permit course
Certificate about completion of job risk assessment course
Certificate about completion of Fall Protection Equipment course
Certificate about completion of Correct use of ladders course
TCO driving licence for cars and trucks.
TCO badge 10635739; PFD badge 81096.
Courses: BOSIET, WRAP & TRIC and PTW

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