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Topic: No Strings Attached

Author Message
10-04-06 10:31
Want friends who can talk anyting under the sun! Ready!

Author Answer
04-04-08 16:36
Someobody wrote to me (yennar@mail.ru) recently but I accidentally deleted it. If that person is still interested in getting back, I will be glad to chat!!!
20-12-06 02:37
to bilge
england is mainly inhabitted by arabs, so its hard to avoid seeing their faces and their shaddows(arab women). brrr!!! they are everywhere unlike kazaks.
no, u r right, havent seen any kazak except one shala-kazak at the embassy :-)

11-12-06 16:50
@kazaks may not be very smart(cunning) like arab-like people@

to Tomiris:
Have you at all met kazakh guy since 98? Sounds like you`ve met looots of arabs instead.
05-12-06 23:37
to yennar,
very intersting, havent been to homeland very long (since 98). thats true about making a frieend just right on a street, at least it was possible when i was there last. it was enough u told about ur family (tribe data) and u were accepted and welcomed by any kazak! then we would go chatting about everything, any topic under the sun!
i love kazaks, especially those with small eyes, when they smile their eyes get totally closed, so that they dont see anything, a smile of a kazak is so sweet! kazaks r so sincere in what they do and speak. they r so much straighforward, they dont cheat like uzbeks or turks,
kazaks dont use sweet talks like arabs either!
kazaks may not be very smart(cunning) like arab-like people, but they r so open and trustful that no better friend u can find!
long live kazaktar, long live freedom loving kazaktar!
05-12-06 09:21
I am sorry guys/girls for being away for sometime! Lively is correct! The country is changing and changing very fast. With its development, its people are also changing. The hospitality that simbolises the region has been eroding to some extent as people are becoming matarialistic. I was told by my friends that about five years ago, you could meet a stranger in the street and later you can become good friends but now it is beyond imagination that you can make friends with strangers so easily. Of course, there are a number of good reasons for this but is shows things are chaning.
16-06-06 19:07
Hey, Yennar you seem pretty good guy. Actually, I was surprised when my my friends opened this forum for me.

Finally, kazakh people come all together.
There is a tough question I want to ask everybody, who lived abroad: Europe
or USA and came back recently to Almaty or another city in KZ.

How do you think if our peolpe generally had changed, became more like: "I'm on my own"?

I lived for 1 year in Florida and came back home, was hired by a one company.
The colleges were so indifferent to each other, I was horrified. And it happened not only at work, but generally everywhere.
There are bunch of BIG changings are going on, which are all good: new business centres, appartments, coffee shops. We are defenetly going up, but the mind set, unfortunately is changing as well. We become more like European or Americans in that way, aren't we?

15-06-06 22:48
Hey, It's been a long time since Sergazy wrote his message about
the English grammar issue.
But still I couldn't stop myself no add this:
Look at your grammar first (some one or someone?, kazah or kazakh?)

I think we shouldn't worry that much about what others think, the main
perpose is the communication here. Right?
20-05-06 13:09
Are we discussing kazakh culture then? or anything under the sun :)
or the topic's closed for good?
09-05-06 11:20
In regards to being hospital OOO is quite right, Kazakhs are genetically hospital. There 130 ethnical groups living in KZ and they are glued by Kazakh people and Russian culture :) or :(

Kazakhs themselves are a collected nation, from various tribes, some of those from mongolic origin, some from iranian origin, reflecting historical and geographical layers over this land.

In regards to the outsiders, it is just the fact that foreigners are rare guests here. Although, I as Kazakh, am for the first time here, may be second
30-04-06 18:55
Kazakh people are well known for their hospitality all over former CIS coutries..
28-04-06 12:07
looks like!
22-04-06 17:22
yennarz: talking to yourself?
21-04-06 16:21
Hi Sergazy, thanks for your comments! First i did not see anything wrong with my english! maybe i am not as good as you are so! That is ok! I am also equally clue less on your remarks and Ooo's about others thinking obout Kazakh people! By responding, you proved that Kazakh people are freindly and open to any discussion with anybody as long as, as Ooo says, it is interesting.

I do not live in America but in Almaty, that is in the middle of people who make up this lovely country and they are lovely too. If I hurt your kazakh pride i am sorry it is not meant that way.
21-04-06 16:13
I am glad that there are some responses!

ooo, you are right! what is important is that if the topic or issues is interesting, I guess people react/contribute to the discussion. Before starting this new topic, i actually participated in a few other topics but there was no response. I thought when they see a new name, nobody want to say hello. In any case, I should not generalise but the idea of this topic and my initial question was to provoke some debate. As a result, I see your reaction, not bad:)

19-04-06 18:58
To Yennar: no, we love outsiders :-)

seriously, that's not the problem. The problem is that you need to start a topic about something INTERESTING. That's it. (not necessarily a new topic - but if you decide to start one, you have to think about it)

To Sergazy: nice statement, not sure he's gonna like it! How do you like TX so far? Hot there now?
12-04-06 00:01
Wassup! First of al,l you need to improve your English skills because not only kazah people are looking at this site. How do you think, if some one who speaks in other lunguage what is he going to think about kazah people?
Sorry for this statement, but anyway try!
My name is Sergazy. I'm foreign student in Houston, USA.

11-04-06 07:48
I get a feeling that this forum does not accept any 'outsiders'! Is that true!!!

There are many people out outside of Kazakhstan who are interested in Kazakhstan for a variety of reasons. Similarly, there are plenty of people in Kazakhstan who are keen to make bridges without side world.

Isn't the purpose of this chat forum!

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