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Topic: Learn Turkish in Antalya, Turkey

Author Message
Mehtap Gayda
16-11-12 15:37
Learn Turkish at Babel Language School (Babil Dil Kursu) Antalya, Turkey

About the School

Babel language school is in Antalya and teaches General Turkish, Intensive Turkish, Business Turkish and Summer Turkish courses in all levels.

Furthermore, the school provides language courses for TEFL/TESOL course & teacher training courses and also English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Arabic courses.

We are a friendly, quality and prestigious school that is located in the heart of Antalya city on the Mediterranean. The school is on the new tram tracks on the Ismetpasa stop. It is very close to the city centre attractions. It is accessible by bus or you can walk. You can take the nostalgic tram to go to Konyaalti Beach in 20 minutes.

We are on the fourth floor and have a great view of the city. We use all kinds of technology in the classroom. We have ADSL wireless connection with very fast internet download and upload speeds. The teachers are specialized and very experienced in their own fields. The classes comprise from 1-8 students.

Babel is a great place to learn & study Turkish and W e l c o m e to sunny Antalya!

About the Turkish Language Course

On the first day, there is a welcoming meeting and then the students are divided into groups according to their level. We have beginner, elementary and intermediate level courses. We focus on speaking, reading, writing and understanding skills in the lessons. The course starts with a revision of the previous study, continues with grammar and writing exercises and lastly ends with speaking exercises. The students are from different countries of the world. The minimum student age limit for adult courses is 18. We also have a summer school for children in groups between the ages 7-17. At the end of the course, the students are given certificates.

Babel’s beginner level Turkish course is hugely popular and we receive students from all over the world. Whatever your reasons for wanting to speak Turkish, for business reasons or daily living in Turkey we are here to help you learn. We also offer advanced level Turkish courses, in group sessions or individually to suit your learning needs.

The Course

We provide Intensive and Standard Turkish Courses for foreigners or expats in Antalya.
Also you can join our Standard Turkish, Academic Turkish and Survival Turkish courses. Plus we have university preparation courses and summer schools in Antalya. Also we offer: accommodation, job placement and airport transfer services.

Online Courses in Turkish:

We provide customized Turkish classes via skype.

Group or one-to-one lessons

If the class hours or days are not convenient for you, we can customize our course according to your needs! Please contact with us for your special course plan! It is only available in Antalya area right now. Online lessons are available via skype. You will have course books and it costs 50 USD for starter-intermediate levels.

After you learn Turkish, you can:

Speak in Turkish
Live in Turkey
Study and have a wonderful holiday
Find a good job
Find business opportunities
Have education at a Turkish University
Start your own career or business
Teaching Method

Our teaching method is based on a united study of grammar, listening, writing and speaking including active class participation. When you are enrolled, you will get a syllabus of the course. In the beginner class, the language is English and Turkish. Mostly, the elementary and intermediate classes are conducted in Turkish. We provide an efficient course book and other study materials. The classes are organized to include daily conversations, grammar structures and speaking activities. The teachers are young and motivated to teach efficiently. They have at least an undergraduate university degree in education or language departments.

On the other hand in order to create more interest in Turkish language, we use history of Turkey, cultural aspects, internationally known songs in Turkish, poems and fairy tales etc.
For example at the end of the course the student memorizes a Turkish song and a poem.

TEFL/TESOL Course in Antalya, Turkey

Babel offers a TEFL/TESOL course which provides English teacher training to facilitate teaching English abroad in Antalya, TURKEY and other locations.

With an ever increasing demand and a variety of English teaching jobs, we focus on Mediterranean countries. Our TEFL/TESOL certificate is accredited, internationally recognized and follows The British Council criteria with over 120 hours of class time. After our training, you will be well on your way to exploring this part of the world by teaching English.

Student Visa for Turkey
Our school is approved by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey. If you book Turkish courses for long term, we can send you the visa letter and supporting documents for the Turkish student visa. Then you can apply for a residence permit here in Turkey. After the enrollment, we send you the related letters and documents. After that you have to apply for a study visa for Turkey at the nearest embassy. It may take a long time therefore please try to enroll as early as possible. For country specific details please consult the nearest Turkish embassy.

Accommodation & airport transfers

Homestays are carefully selected and offer students the opportunity to learn more about the local culture in a comfortable setting while studying Turkish in Antalya. These homes are often between 10 - 15 minutes away from the school by public transport. Families usually offer affordable meal plans that allow you to sample the local cuisine.

We also offer assistance in finding housing such as flat or shared flat options.

We are looking forward to meet you at Babel!

Other Services

Babel Company also offers these services:

* Authorised Translation & Interpretation

* Expat consulting (residence permit, work permit, property issues, setting up a company etc)

* Education Abroad and Visa Consulting

Contact details of Babel Language School

Website: www.babelgrup.com

Website: www.babel-language-services.com

E-mail: info@babelgrup.com

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