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Topic: Job in UK and Ireland

Author Message
27-06-03 22:19
Hello! I'm staing in Uk now. And my friend is in Ireland. Do you now some ways to find a job there?
P.S. We are citisens of Kazakhstan

Author Answer
David Cather
01-09-12 23:30
Arcadia Petroleum
Human Resource department
100 Brompton Road
London SW3 1ER, United Kingdom
T : Human Resource Department +447031923054

At Arcadia Petroleum we believe that the foundation of our success is attributable to the calibre of our employees.

Sequence to the opening of our new regionhere in the UK, Arcadia Petroleum are seeking people who will make a valuable contribution and make a difference to our business; in return The Arcadia Petroleum PLC offers diverse, exciting and challenging internal career opportunities, supported by training and employee development programmes in the following departments. This Departments includes :

Alternative Energy

IT and communications

Oil and gas support
Oil and gas (Others)
Sales and Marketing
Language Translators
Other positions not listed

If you believe that you have what it takes to build a successful career with us, then we want to hear from you.

Job Salary: Depending on your roll of specialization, Salary Ranging
5,500.00 GBP to 10,500.00 GBP or negotiable and We shall take care of
your Transportation expenses, Accommodation, feeding and a month training on arrival.

send your RESUME/CV via email to the HR Mr David Cather on ( Davidcather0@gmail.com ) immediately
with your personal details including your roll of profession/Skill of

The Company recruits and promotes employees on the basis of their suitability for the job without discrimination in terms of race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, colour, gender, sexual-orientation, age marital status or disability.

Email: Davidcather0@gmail.com
Human Resource department
Arcadia Petroleum
100 Brompton Road
London SW3 1ER, United Kingdom
T : Human Resource Department +447031923054
Mrs Elaine Mary Hayes
27-01-12 00:27
JOB VACANCIES In Hilton Hotel Metropole London

Company: The Hilton London Metropole Hotel United Kingdom.

Hilton London Metropole hotel
225 Edgware Road, London, United Kingdom W2 1JU

eMail Us

The Hilton London Metropole Hotel located in London, United Kingdom, herby advertises through this medium on different job openings and vacancies. The openings are sequel to our new five hotel branches recently opened in different cities in London. The hotel Management will provide your flight ticket to London and you are entitled to free accommodation, free medical care, Also The hotel management will as well, help you to get your Visa and Working permit to UK through UK immigration office here in UK ,when you start your work with us.And Send your CV/Application to:

Best Regards,
Mrs Elaine Mary Hayes.
Hotel General Manager

03-02-10 22:41
Hello!now i am in Sweden, and also want to fin job! Any idea? Thank you!
24-07-09 21:53
Bekbolatov Alimzhan Berikbayevich

Date of both: 25.05.1987
Place of both: The Public Kazakhstan, NКR, Village Torkul Mobile tel. +7 701 251 70 10
+7 701 740 31 21
+7 705 173 25 12

In that time place of my leaving: c. Алmaty st. Zharokova house №199 flats 4
e-mail: alimjanbek87@rambler.ru

Purpose: To find work position in field of Electrical Supply
Almaty Institute of power Engineering and Telecommunication
2005-2009 Got Diploma by specialty: Power Engineering:
Bachelor (state educational grant)

Faculty: Electrical Supply in industrial enterprises

Time of graduation school:
1994 - 2005 Secondary school «Kokoral»
Production practices :
31.06.08 – 18.07.08 Kentau Transformer Plant (Kentau)
construction transformers
Pregradauation practices:
31.06.09– 18.07.09 Ontustik Zharik (Chimkent)

work in the substation

inspection electrical equipments

dispatcher work

Languages: Kazakh (native)

Russian (freely)

English (upper-intermediate)

29.10.08 - 29.12.08 AutoCAD, DiaLux
Skills (knowledge) of Computer: experimental user
Experience work by programmes: pocket MS Office, Electronic
Workbench, Per, Lab View, Mat Lab.
Personality quality:
commutability, ability of working in the collective, responsibility,
pupose to the result, analytical opinion
05-05-09 07:49
i am a paitent i want to go for tretmint and also find job
becase i like to live in uk.
02-02-09 09:24
Hi Bibigul!
I live in west part of Kazakhstan in Atyrau!
I want to work in UK! Design engineer, piping engineer, electrical engineer!
Thank you!
01-02-09 03:21
ma name iz eldar. originally im from atyrau, KAZAKHSTAN. im livin n studyin in liverpool. (england). any interestin oferrs or propositions plz email me.
17-09-08 10:12
i want to visit england or ireland, what program should i apply?
12-12-07 13:05
Nergy Telecom seeks an account manager.

Do you speak good Spanish, Arabic and English? Do you have excellent communication skills? If so, we have a job to offer you! Nergy Telecom seeks an account manager who would be in charge of managing relations with key customers located in different countries worldwide.

Our team consists of young, energized and open minded professionals. We motivate friendly and courteous atmosphere and positive thinking. Become a part of our international team and take on this challenging and breathtaking opportunity!

More about account manager’s responsibilities:

1. New customers attraction (processing requests received from new customers by e-mail or through web-site, services, terms and conditions presentation)
2. Processing current day-to-day requests from existing customers, consulting and assisting them with all the emerging issues.
3. Registering the payments received from customers and allocation of the funds to customers’ accounts
4. Considering and providing of special terms for customers (discounts, special conditions, etc.)
5. Invoicing

Nergy Telecom is a leading European provider of high quality telecommunications services. Nergy Telecom develops and provides innovative low cost phone services all over the world.
Our office is based in Kazakhstan (Aktobe). You are welcomed!

To learn more about our company please visit our web-site at www.nergytelecom.net
You can contact us and send your CV to info@nergytelecom.net

16-05-07 08:48
i also think that you'll never find country better than you motherland. but if someone decided to go to another country - good luck. only in another country you 'll understand how great is Kazakhstan!!!
13-05-07 06:08
I live in Glasgow, and this year I'm going to graduate from a uni. I've already tried so many companies, however, so far I got nothing except of rejections. Maybe it's because I'll be having my MSc but not BA from the UK uni. Therefore, for you people with undergrad degree there're much more opportunities than for those with Master's degree, like me. I really do regret now I hadn't have an opportunity to get my undergrad here or in the US, but it's too late now.
I don't want to descourage you international MBAs or MScs guys, but it's very hard to find a good placement here. Of cource if you're an engineer, computer scientist or a medica lscientist there're always opportunities, but for lawyers, business, management, marketing, etc postgraduates there's almost no chance. You must be unique here to be valued. There're lots of Europeans with the same or better education in the queue for a good position. Why should UK employers hire you, Kazakh guys?
08-05-07 13:51
Bibi !!!
How there in England ?
In which university you study ?
And where are you live?

29-03-07 08:03
Hello everybody!!! My nastalgy is London UK? i`ve been there about 1 year. And i missed it. I know the life in UK is very expensive and more difficult, but i want to be there sometimes. Life in our country is not so easy and good. I`m from KG. Stupid salary in my country/ I`m fed up. and i want to work in service like waitress just to get a lot money and buy what ever i want than work as a spesialist in a bank sphere and get a such fucking less money.
08-10-06 04:29
Hi, i'm from Phil., really want to work in UK, or Ireland. I'm a graduate of BSIT, email me please... thanks
26-09-06 17:00
hi all
i want to study in irland.can any body tell me about any university which offer computer science(gradutation)at reasonable tuition fees.
also tell me how much a student can earn in month ?is it necessary that a student can work only 20hours in a week.
25-09-06 17:39
Hi to ALL!
Currently i am working in banking sphere (Kazakhstan) and next year i am planning to work in England. But i don't know how to get there, maybe there is some programs which can provide easy ways of getting there. I would be very glad if you could give ur suggestions and recomendations.
Thank u in advance!!!
21-09-06 20:33
hello, Corzh-Yerzhan ! how are you there, brother$$ I want to meet soon. your mamy is in Astana now.
what's new$$
tobias constantin
16-09-06 21:37
buna cine ma poate ajuta sa ajung in irlanda cum as putea face rost de o invitattie pt o viza
Foggy Hedgehog
15-09-06 18:23
Yeah, people, please, don`t think that if you will work and live in UK you`ll become rich and happy! Working in UK is buulshit and KZ is the best place in the world. Why so?
1. Taxes. You`ll pay more than 40% of your salary and it`s not fixed because they always find so many excuses and extract more
2. Bureaucracy. It`s killing me all the time!!! They make a big deal from nothing and when you don`t have any result they only say `sorry about that` (i hate these words), but your affair is ruined.
3. The most f___n` stupid banking system I`ve ever met. If you think that banks in KZ is the worst, u`ve never seen UK. I transferred money to KZ and paid for urgent in 2 days. After 3 days in the evening they called me and asked me to confirm my mom`s name (what is not essential for transfer)
4. Chicken country where shops and EVERYTHING close at 5.30pm and night clubs at 01.00am
5. And this strange people, where every friday and sat they start drinking from 9am and just crazy mad fuckin` around in the evenings. Also i`ve never seen so many ugly girls in one place
6. My salary is very good for KZ of course, but in compare, here it`s like if I`d earn 6000 tenge in KZ - zhivu ot poluchki do poluchki! And you need to spend a lot, coz UK is 1 the most expensive countries in the world, especially London.
7. Believe me, KAZAKHSTAN is the best place in the world. I really miss my green and blue mountains, heh...

You think that life is better there, but each expat that works with me here says that the motherland is the best place to live.
U soseda trava vsegda zelenee

The only thing that holds me here is career, i need to become really good specialist here to return to Almaty and find a good job...
Seek a job in US if you want to practice, but UK is not the best place to work
12-08-06 21:56
i seek job in China

03-08-06 22:10
Hi, everybody!

I am from Dublin... If you would like to get a job in Ireland, it is not so hard. The min salary is 8 euros per hour... So, even dishwashers coud make more than 200 euros per week!

If you are student, for you its better to get a job as cashier, cleaner, nigthporter, waiter and etc...
There is website for jobseekers:
But its better to print your CV in many copies and go directly to shops, hotels, restaurants and other places to give it to managers!
Pay much attention to your CV and Cover Letter. Those things would be a general aspects of you... So, Good Luck! I wish you the best!!!
any questions? Write to my mail.. You could see it, don't you??

23-06-06 17:49
Hi Bibigul,
100 % agree with Akhan, such kind of people like you are...killing me!
If you can speak even pour in English, there no problem for YOU to find a job in West side of KZ. You have to work for the benefit of your Republic instead of wandering out there. I apologise it might cause some inconvenience, but this is a true.
There no place better then you MOTHERLAND KAZAKHSTAN... it is same for everyone in the world, it doesnt matter who you are.
16-05-06 05:01
online directory main
20-01-06 14:48
20-01-06 14:46
Greating ladies and gents.
First of all I`m glad to see all of you that you looking for a job and that you know this language (English).
Actualy Akhan is right. There are a lots of available positions in KZ. Cause of at this moment it seems like that is center of gas and oil. And also it`s like Building center for last 8-10 month. Just have a look through www.google.co.uk I am for 100% sure that you will find a job. Have patience!!!
In the west part of KZ we have gas and oil. Means, try to search regarding these motives.


Best regards,
22-12-05 16:14
Hi Marat!I am Ayana and want find job too.I am from Dublin
03-10-05 16:20
Hey, Laura. listen to me. Don't say "my God". Ok? Only Christians say that. You call Allah. Ok?
26-09-05 17:37
r u guys gone mad? - i'm lookin' for a job there... i'm lookin' for ajob here... i just wanna improve my english... blah-blah... u all proud kazakhs, so don't let yourselves down. actually, job gotta seek u but not u guys look for a job. allright, i see... u all require more convinient place for yourselves. but there is no place like your motherland - KAZAKHSTAN. I'm currently working in Kazakhstan and there are no problems at all, you know... i would not comlain.ive perfect job in here, ive got my sallary pretty high, ive got pretty good house at the riverside in the west side of Kazakhstan, speedy vehicle and all... so whats the problem? cum on guys, i would really appreciate you'd guys start respect your motherland & stop horsing arround like that.
24-09-05 17:48
anyone from cork?
14-09-05 15:39
hi everybody I just wanna ask you how to find a job in America or other countries because I am a teacher in Kazakhstan
14-04-05 16:06
Oh my god! Dinara, I am sorry...but your English is hideous!! And why do you people aim for nurses and cleaning ladies only? I am not saying its a bad thing to do, but come one!! You are better then that :). I am sure you are smart and intelligent people well then aim higher and you will get there. Have a look at the following website: www.kazsociety.org.uk
14-04-05 04:13
Anybody from Ireland???
25-03-05 21:14

i am jacob ,i am an architectural technician,i am searching jobs in irland,right now i am working in cyprus.how i can get job in irland?

19-03-05 11:00
I wanna find a job 2, but in UK
Have they job like heat-and-power engineering?
10-03-05 07:12
I seek for a job in USA
09-03-05 08:06
Plis. find me a job.
General operatives
Noel M. Beltran
07-03-05 05:52
Dinara, Hello...>> may i ask for your help. Pls. help me iwant to work in Irelan or
in UK. I am a Filipino Im here in the Philippines.
I did not finish my studies fourth year mechanical engineering.I love to work
in Ireland or in UK if ever pls.help me find me an employer who hire Filipino
worker like me.
I can do a lot of jobs, structurals,maitenance work. Activities that include
practical hands on problems and solutions. Likes to work with plants and animal
and physical materials such as wood,tools and machinery. Activities with data
and detail and where there is a clear line of authority to follow.
01-12-04 04:01
Hello!!! Everybody from Ireland or just Bibigul and Nuria???
How is going? What the story in UK??? How many kazakh people study in Ireland???
Do you have something interesting in UK or Ireland???
I know just Nuria....she's very nice kazakh girl .
06-11-04 09:49
regarding tax number - anyone with student visa can get his unique tax registration number. u just apply for it and they will post it to u in about 3 months time. u should apply for it in job agency. there is one in any city. they just interview u, but it's easy.

tax number is a card with your unique number and your name on it. this card is not compulsory to get a job but is a good plus for u. they will trust u more if u have one.
with this u can claim your taxes to be refunded. u take a p60 form from your employer, fill it in, send it to the address on the form and they will send u a cheque or transfer the money to your account.
06-11-04 09:30
job in UK? easy. i ve been to UK for couple of years so i know how it works.
there are lots of vacancies part time or full time. there are two kinds of visa

1. tourist visa - very limited one - you are not allowed to work in UK, u can't prolong your visa, neither u can apply to study. BUT u can always get a job in take-aways (not McDonalds, or KFC, but ones opened by turks, pakistani or indians, they don't really care about your visa), or something like this unofficial. i did it in UK long time ago. they pay less than minimum wage, but it's bearable. it's usually from 3 to 4 pounds or maybe 5 if you are in London. what u do is u go to any take away and ask if there are any vacancies. usually they do need new people. that's it.

2. student visa - more opportunities to work. officially you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week part time. but many employers don't really care and do not count hours u work. noone will investigate whether if u work more than 20. u can do 40, 50 or 60 hours a week. work like shop assistant, telephone operator, security,kitchen assistant, u can work in a hotel, restaurant, supermarket anywhere. how to find a job? look for announcements, ask friends, any ways. in any city or town u can find a job. paid at least 4.5 pounds and higher.

good tip and advice for those who study in uni - start looking for recruitments of big companies, banks, offices all over the UK when you are studying. good thing is to fill in as many applications as possible over the end. say u applied for 30 vacancies in big serious firms for serious positions. u ll get at least 5 invitations to an exam (usually sth like IQ exams) if u get a good score the invite u to the interview, travelling and hotel expenses they will cover. if u pass through interview successfully u go on to the next stage which is usually a team work or sth like this. actually it is not wasy, out of 100 applicants they usually pick 1 or 2 candidates, but u should try it anyway. because if u get such kind of job they will extend ur visa to JOB PERMIT, and u will earn at least 20 - 30 thousand pounds a year!

one more thing if your student visa is expiring u can extend ur visa at least for 4 months. if u find a good reason (graduation ceremony) than u can extend it for even longer. or u can apply for any other course (there are cheap courses) or apply for another uni, u can extend it for another couple of years. u don't have to study in that uni, to get the offer u just pay a deposit up to 200 pounds and after extending the visa u just reject the offer, u can claim your deposit back, but it is usually difficult, or u can forget about it. 200 pounds for another year in UK is a good price anyway. to extend the visa when u are in UK u go to any of 5 home offices (there are in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and two more i don't know exactly in which city)

if u couldn't extend your visa for some reason there is one more tip - in UK airports there is no passport control when u leave the country. that means customs don't really care if your visa expired long time ago. air companies do not care either, u just buy the ticket and go back home. so what u do is u keep quite and don't get in any trouble with police. they actually never stop u to check your documents for no reason. the disadvantage is that u can't find a good job like in case with tourist visa, and u can't apply for study.

hope it helps

05-11-04 18:33
Hi Bibigul!

In what County of part of UK you are? Fancy to chat? Join my topic.
30-10-04 19:46
hello...:)))Can u help me?I need a job in Irland
14-08-04 21:51
Hi, Marat. Can u help me? I want to find job in UK.
28-07-04 16:16
Hello!!!! for getting job in Ireland you should get a p.p.s. number, bank account and sometimes passport!!! if you are student you can work only 20 hours per week, if not 40 hours!!! getting job is not so difficult!!! bye...
19-07-04 13:33

look here in irish/english recruiting agencies:


there are much more - search for "recruiting agcency Ireland England". Have a patience and apply to as many positions as possible. From 100 applpications 1 usually works.
I know that civil engineerig is in high demand in Ireland so you've got good chances.

Good luck,

ali 51@ali.com
18-07-04 05:15
i need a job in to irland. tan kyou.I AM A CIVIL ENGENEAR.
14-03-04 00:57
hello all.:)))
yeah about finding job in uk, i am in uk as well, in england. i tried to find a job before, yeap its very possible to find a job in here, even u are 16, it depends on what exactly do u want do....lots of jubs such as baby sitters, waitresses, or shop assistant. payment will be approximately 5 0r 6 pounds when u start working. if u see ur future, working in a office and u have some experiences, go on, try it in every way.
i am studying in a college, so there is a centre, which helps u to find job.
Another situation is, if u would like just practise without wages, want to see how things work, there are some centres which provide that things. This is definetely what i am going to do next, by that experience hope to find good work.
12-02-04 15:26
And I need in good job and too. If you know about good job tell me, please.
24-12-03 21:36
please tell me about this job, i'm in Turkey and want to work in U.K. what i need to go there?
05-12-03 17:28
Hi, people!
If you have an information about good job in GB, it would be good to bublish it there!
26-08-03 14:26
Hi Bibigul !

What kind of viza do u have ? Anyways, if u need any advice, just contact me.


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