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Topic: TV show- Kazakh translation

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Sandra A
15-04-14 01:27
Hello! I am reaching out to the Kazakh community for help on our TV show.

I am a producer for a show about children who remember a past life, and we are looking for someone to possibly translate a couple of words. A young American boy was taling about memories of his past life when he was 3 years old, and said he used to live in Acoba (Akoba) in his past life, and I found several towns in Kazakhstan that are called Akoba. He also said the words - "palakek", "daso" and "gaygo" We have no idea who to spell these words, I am just writing them the way they sound in english. Do any of these words sound familiar? Could they be kazahk words?

Also, I am looking for someone who speaks Russian and Kazakh who could do some research for me in the Kazakh news. Let me know if you are interested! (It is paid)

I would appreciate your help on this!

if you would like to watch the show, you can go to the website- http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/ghost-inside-my-child


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