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Topic: Kazakhstan - expat experience

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26-05-15 20:28
Hi there\r\n\r\nI\'m Polish who is in love with East Europe and beyond. I\'m also a teacher of English as Second Language and that\'s the way I\'m making a living.\r\nHaving lived for a few years in Odesa (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus) and regularly visiting Moscow, I was wondering about seeing Kazakhstan too!\r\n\r\nBefore moving there one day (hopefully) I\'d definitely want to know a few things about the country.\r\n\r\nJust a few questions\r\n1. Я говорю по-русски, конечно )) Would I get by speaking Russian and English only?\r\n2. Is there a market for ESL mentoring?\r\n3. Which city would you recommend as the best one to start with in Kazakhstan?\r\n4. Is Kazakhstan an expensive place to live (compared to other ex-Soviet countries)?

Author Answer
26-05-15 20:29
What happened to the formatting of the first post?!

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