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Форум: Job
Topic: Job Hunt in KZ

Author Message
31-07-06 22:19
I am going to graduate with an MBA from Business School in the US at the beginning of next year. I would like to find a job in KZ. I would be grateful for any adivice on how to search for a job in KZ. Although I am a Kazakh, I am not a citizen of KZ.

Thank you!

Author Answer
05-09-11 17:43
Gulmira Ungurbayeva
Mobile: 8 775-903-9017
e-mail: gulmir-ungar@mail.ru
Personel information: Nationality Kazakh
Material status: unmarried

Work experience:
August, 2011 I am working in company as Mechanical completeion Handover Coordinator k

August, 2010-2011
I work in QA/QC Renco-Kat company. I am an Electrical,Instrumentation, Fire and Gas and Telecommunication Certificate Engineer. Maintaining protocols, certificates, forms according to VSN 123-90, as well as a check lists according to VSN (Departmental building codes)by Electrical,Instrumentation,Fire and Gas and Telecommunication diciplines. I work with documentation standards, SNIP, prepare LOG of input control, LOG of cable laying and General LOG. Provide reception, registration documents and storing them in the archive. I check certificates in accordance with standards RoK, also prepare the transfer documentation to Gostehnadzor in accordance with the norms and standards RoK. Completion of documents for the subsystems (systems) and further transfer them to Firecon company (Agip representative).Going to RoK Dossier and Act meeting.

August, 2006- 2009
Project:Crude Export Project
Position:Engineering-Technical and Archive Specialist

• Contribute to maintaining an incident free operation which is in support of and in compliance with Tengizchevroil’s Protecting People and the Environment policy.
• Work with outside contractors on document procedures for distribution within Tengizchevroil. Receive, distribute and file vendor documentation and make sure all information is logged into database.
• Monitor quality control of incoming/outgoing documents and promote efficient work practices. Ensure that documents flowing to/from DCC have proper approvals and distributed accordingly and hard copies filed properly.
• Assign project numbers, enter and follow distribution matrixes for each project, and design pack assembly with the engineers. Maintain transmittals, both electronic and paper under appropriate project,handle requests for drawings,documents,datasheets,tag numbers.
• Create Web based search tools for locating Project Information, drawings, job packs, transmitttals etc.
• File project documentation according to the file index. Perform various other office duties such as reproduction, laminating, etc. Perform other duties as required by supervisor of project team.

June, 01 – December , 01 Universal-Sodexho Eurasia, “Oasis canteen”,
Position: Translator

Job duties: - accepting requests on food and drinks by e-mail, having
them approved by Supervisor and sending for further execution.
- translation of menu and sending to different Tengizchevroil facilities (Field
Facilities, RMG, etc.), updating and approving by Supervisor.
- interpreting miscellaneous business talks and meetings
- helping the Accounting Group to calculate the approximate cost of food and drinks , approving by Supervisor and updating (if required).

August, 00 – June , 01 Universal-Sodexho Eurasia, Data Information Group,
Position: Data Information Group Specialist
Job duties: Display good knowledge of Office work, including the following day to day assignments : -
- Computer Data Information
- Maintain incoming information or request to the JDE Systems
- Forwarding the document to Visas housing department.
- Maintain Tengizchevroil badge computer and Print Badges.
- Responsible for crew changing, Housing and incoming outgoing Tengizchevroil or sub-contractors general staffs under pressure, and also good Team Player.
- In charge of issuing Tengizchevroil Driving Permit and Licensing.

1999-2000 Tings/Tengizchevroil Program 12, Tengizchevroil Document Control Center,
Tengiz .
Position: DCC Technical and Archive Specialist

- Filing of Technical Documents and Drawings by numerical Order.
- Print documents in conjunction with site and office Engineers.
- Project and Illustrate documents during site and contractors meetings.
- Keep list of the Vendors and Manufacture Documents in Microsoft access systems.
- Ensure Passage Tickets and Bus request of Staffs and Visitors were fully completed and ready.
- Keeping stationery and ordering when necessary.

1997-1999 Bechtel Enka Joint Venture Tengiz.
Position: Administrative and Archive Specialist

Responsibilities: -Performed administrative and archive duties associated with the American and Turkish Joint Venture .
- Also, as stated above.

Other Job Related Training:

- Computer Training, including Word, Excel, and e-mail, Tengizchevroil JDE,Internet
- Auto Card systems.

Personal skills: sociable, adherent, flexiblke, hard—working, responsible, punctual,
easily trained,purposeful
Languages: English,Russian, Kazakh-native

References: (Included letter of recommendation from Manager of Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture)
(Program 12 /Tengizchevroil DCC Supervisor).
( Tengizchevroil/Crude Export Project Supervisor)

Educational Background:

University Education:
2010 Kazakh University, Construction Faculty Department
(by correspondence)
2003-2005 Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages. Almaty , Kazakhstan.

1991-1996 Kazakh State University, Philological Faculty Department.
Almaty, Kazakhstan.

1989-1990 Kazakh State University, World Language Department.
Almaty, Kazakhstan.

25-08-11 03:24
Good afternoon!
I am looking for a job of HR Manager. If you have any job opportunity with a good salary in Kazakhstan, any province, any city, please inform me via my e-mail : rozalia-56@mail.ru
B. Emre
17-11-10 15:53
Hi everyone!!
There are open vacations in SK (Bechtel-Enka JV) Oil&Gas Company at Tengiz. Please send me your CV...
06-07-10 22:06
Hi! every one! I live in Pavlodar. Plz help me to find a good job in KZ!!! I graduated Innovative University of Eurasia, on speciality \"Translation studies\". Plz help!
04-05-10 10:19
hello every body i am come from china but iam kazak now i am looking for a job , i graduate medical universty in china , i know english chinese kazak and russia (normal)language if some one have good advince plz send me mail thanks
11-12-09 09:52
Hello dear Kazakhs.
Dear friends. I live in Almaty city, I can speak English, Kazaksha and Russian. If you have any opinion about a job with a good salary in Kazakhstan, any province, any city, please inform me via this site or my e-mail : sikandarjack@yahoo.com. I am Oralman, I hope you will help me.
20-11-09 15:59
hello friend ....h ru i am want a job .in kz,any bady help me .....
29-10-09 13:13

My name is Meruyert. I am looking for a job in international companies/organisations in Almaty. The main thing, it should be connected with English. If you need more information or my CV, please feel free to contact me: pop08mu@shef.ac.uk

19-05-09 12:53
Dear native brothers, now i am living in Astana, I am kazakh, Now i have nationality of KZ. Means i came from Mongolia, I graduated Mongolian National University as an bank accountant and Mongolian University of Science and Technology as a computer engineer. My English, Kazakh, Turkish, Mongolian lam guages are perfect, Russian is not bad. I was working as a chief accountant in banks for 4 years, and marketing manager, procurement manager in international companies and organizations. I want to find a good job in KZ. What would you suggest me. I need your help.Pls write tomy email address.
Compliments of the season.
15-09-08 10:18
Please send you CV
07-08-08 12:33
send me your CV i can can advice
27-05-07 04:57
Many thanks everyone for advice, information, and encourgement.
16-05-07 07:57
Salem Talapker. I would suggest you to see next recruitment companies - www.bolashak.com, headhunter.com.
are you kazakh from China or Turkey?
If you would not find on these sites, let me know. write me an e-mail and I'll send you some other websites.
15-05-07 16:14
You can always approach us at adviser.sc@gmail.com

we are a recruiting agency working in KZ, mostly with large international companies

telephone in Almaty 2969857
26-02-07 00:11
''in the beginning of the next year''... )))
It means U r definitely hunting for a job now , if so
Try this international recruitment agency globalrec@scotholland.com, website www.realstate.kz
and the other one is www.fircroft.kz
Good Luck!!!
14-02-07 07:34
Hello everybody.
If your interested in find a job in KZ I 'd like recommend your Oil&Gaz companies, uranium producers in Kyzylorda region. There are also a lot of recruiting companies in KZ. Same time your can find Oil jobs in the west Kazakstan, or admin jobs in Astana or finance in Almaty.
Good luck
26-01-07 16:51
Hello! You are wellcome to your native country after your graduating.

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