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Topic: Kazakh Students Abroad

Author Message
02-07-04 03:42

I'm a Danish Kazakh. I'm working as a mentor at my university, I help the student from abroad at their first week in University. I have a feeling that some students from Asian leave their study in advantage for work. I understand that their family need money in homeland.
I don't know any Kazakh student in Denmark. I want to ask the Kazakh students abroad.

Is it a right decision to work instead education?

Please give your comments. I don't want to hurt anyone, I just want to know, how widespread is the phenomena among kazakh students.

Author Answer
Anne Zhao
23-04-14 14:40
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15-12-07 03:56
hey, guys!!!
how r u doing???...My name is Bakhyt, i'm in Germany..studing International Business and Management at FH Osnabrueck...probably will be here 1 year...so, my be someone at the moment is also in Germany?...:)))
I'll be really very happy to meet u!!!
take care...:)))
27-08-06 15:05
Hi, Akbar,Akbar,
How r u doing?
It's very nice that you are keeping in touch with kazakhs from KZ besides you are so far from KZ.
I think you like living in Denmark!? Do you live in Copenhagen? And have you ever been in KZ? Do you speak Kazakh?
I recommend you to get education instead of working for this very moment. Education helps you in your life. you have to pass this Life Path!
06-09-04 21:36
hello i m looking for a member of my family who he is studiny medecine in astana university he s name is mohamed guenoune if some one know him there pleas give him this email sana04@caramail.com.thx
27-08-04 02:38
I can`t see any problem in working beside the study. Conversely I think it is good to work beside the study.
I`m concerned about student that leave study in advantge for work.
By the way I mean kazakh from Denmark
25-08-04 12:30
2 Akbar:
well, it's quiet surprising for me to get acquinted with a person who is originally Kazakh, but Denish at the moment. :-)
To be honest, I reckon that it is quiet possible to work and study at the same time, basically, just mix it. And that's fine. As long as you don't find yourself a bit down from what you do and stuff.
I guess, the time dictates the rules and we are supposed to give a try at least...
11-08-04 00:17

Thanks for your commets.
If any, I want hear more.

22-07-04 06:31
Yeah, I completely agree with Zhibek that in the US choosing what is really important for you is very essential. I amd one with forever...now time to taste the bitterness of a real world :)
19-07-04 14:37

It is very common situation for kazakhs, even though it is weird. While I was studying all the time in US university, some of my classmates worked all the time instead of devoting some time to studies. Therefore, their GPA's were really low.
I do not think that working instread of studying is the right decision. As for me, I preferred working as a Teaching Assistant or some sort of mentor in courses I used to study since it hellped me both to understand the course better, and to improve my English. Besides, the payment for that type of work is really high, much higher than the same for working at Burger King, :-)

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