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Topic: Kazakhstanies in Canada where are you?

Author Message
27-10-06 11:56
Dear Kazakhstan citizens, temporarily living in Canada please write me!

Author Answer
18-10-07 09:01
hey buddies!
i'm going to Canada in summer 2008.I want to work in Montreal city.So looking for friends.Feel free to e-mail me!
kok turk
18-10-07 06:47
Salem kazaktar kaidasyndar
I`m in Canada but I didnt see kazakh people in Montreal
passing by
11-12-06 20:07
to Asan,

I think, I speak Kazakh...
passing by
08-12-06 17:04
To Pat.
Actually ПАКЕТ is Package in Engish, while ПАКЕТ is a Russian word, not in Kazakh. Here is a plural of Packages: ПАКЕТТЕР. ҮШІН is the Kazakh word, which means FOR smth. Here we can read: ПАКЕТТЕР ҮШІН = For Packages. Have to say " no meaning", it is also possible that under "ПАКЕТТЕР" was meant something else not Packages

07-12-06 08:53
I was told by a friend in Kazakstan that the following is in the Kazak language PLEASE can you please tell me what does this mean: ПАКЕТТЕР ҮШІН
ascar at xju dot edu dot cn
28-11-06 11:55
I am moving to Canada soon, I am Kazakh in China. Do you speak Kazakh..?

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