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Форум: Job
Topic: work in Kazakhstan

Author Message
06-11-07 20:18
Hi everybody!
Next january I will leave Italy to go to work in Atyrau.
Is there someone who can talk me something about life in that town.
I will be very grateful!

Author Answer
18-02-11 10:57
Full name: Ruslan Rauanovich BATYRBEKOV
Nationality: Kazakh (born in Shymkent city, Republic of Kazakhstan)
DOB: 19.11.1987
Marital status: Single
Citizenship: Kazakhstan
Mob.: (+7) 702 2493773
E-Mail: rusya_shymkent@mail.ru

In 2005 graduate high school: esthetical humanitarian gymnasium № 20 in Shymkent city

2005-2011 - KIMEP BSS
Graduate in Bachelor of Social science in Public administration

Personal qualities and character: sociable, executive, responsible, hard working, I am quickly trained in professional skills, ability to work in a command, analytical mentality.
Skills Base
• Familiarity with the commercial worlds, the mentality of people
• Proven human management skills
• Budget design and monitoring
• Time-efficient, systematic working methodology
• Languages: Russian (fluent), English (fluent), Kazakh (fluent)
• IT: MS Office, IE, Outlook express, Photoshop
• Clean driving license, category “B,C”

Assistant of the Project manager
“Kentau - Cement” LLP
May 2007 – August 2007

Translating from Russian to English and reverse oral and writing. Overview the market information of the construction materials, arrangement of the negotiations with the suppliers of the equipment, developing the business activity planning e t.c.

Assistant of the Project manager
“Kentau - Cement” LLP
May 2008 – August 2008

Control for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations, by the subcontractors, Participating in the creating of the general business plan of the project with the information of the marketing overview of the construction materials and the list of the potential customers in Kazakhstan, Fulfill the tasks of the General manager of the company and particularly was concentrated in the on the contacts with the suppliers of the equipment and for the civil construction works.

May 2009 – September 2009: USA state Virginia, work and travel program
Titan Pool Company: position – lifeguard in the pool

September 2009 – December 2009: Internship in JSC “Kazkommercbank” – in Department of development small business

A big fun of football and big tennis, pop music, news and politics.

16-02-11 17:27
good luck
24-07-09 21:45
Bekbolatov Alimzhan Berikbayevich

Date of both: 25.05.1987
Place of both: The Public Kazakhstan, NКR, Village Torkul Mobile tel. +7 701 251 70 10
+7 701 740 31 21
+7 705 173 25 12

In that time place of my leaving: c. Алmaty st. Zharokova house №199 flats 4
e-mail: alimjanbek87@rambler.ru

Purpose: To find work position in field of Electrical Supply
Almaty Institute of power Engineering and Telecommunication
2005-2009 Got Diploma by specialty: Power Engineering:
Bachelor (state educational grant)

Faculty: Electrical Supply in industrial enterprises

Time of graduation school:
1994 - 2005 Secondary school «Kokoral»
Production practices :
31.06.08 – 18.07.08 Kentau Transformer Plant (Kentau)
construction transformers
Pregradauation practices:
31.06.09– 18.07.09 Ontustik Zharik (Chimkent)

work in the substation

inspection electrical equipments

dispatcher work

Languages: Kazakh (native)

Russian (freely)

English (upper-intermediate)

29.10.08 - 29.12.08 AutoCAD, DiaLux
Skills (knowledge) of Computer: experimental user
Experience work by programmes: pocket MS Office, Electronic
Workbench, Per, Lab View, Mat Lab.
Personality quality:
commutability, ability of working in the collective, responsibility,
pupose to the result, analytical opinion
19-07-09 14:04
Rashida i think you wanna taste some italian dickhead
23-01-09 11:27
Hi Fabio!
16-01-09 14:04
hi Fabio i wish you good luck
18-11-08 11:06
Hi, Fabio.
Atyrau is west part of Kazakhstan. We call it as Capital of Oil and Gaz,cause of town is the center of international companies. As per entertainment here in Atyrau we have a lot of night clubs. When u come u can call me. I will be glad to show u our sightseeings with pleasure. 87021780399.Bye. C u soon.
13-11-08 12:58
Hi faboi!
You can find some information in internet, if u want, and also there are lots of people from foreign countries like you, who will give you informations ...

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