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Topic: methods of studying English

Author Message
24-01-08 13:30
Hello everybody! Especially those who love the English language! Surfing the Net, I accidentally came across the forum and could not help leaving my message here. My topic is the method I’m being taught English. I’d like you to read up to the end and share your opinion. In fact, I have been studying this language additionally for the second year and gradually I’m falling in love with it more and more. Now I even consider learning a foreign language my hobby. I think all this would not have happened if there has not been my teacher’s peculiar approach to the process of studying English. We have no tiresome and boring lectures; we never work at the topics like at those we have at school. It would be so uninteresting! I’m lucky to be taught with the help of a cooperative method of studying in an adaptive school where both the teacher and the student are the subjects of the learning process and there’s a wide choice of powerful elective courses and participation in different distant contests that help you both develop yourself and gain new knowledge. Here we can discuss absolutely extraordinary topics, such as: “How would you like to die?” “Because I’m a woman I must”… “I could not live without” etc.
Thanks to it, I have turned from a little girl into the person who can think deeply, consider the other people’s opinions, assess the situation realistically. I’m proud that I’m a part of this breathtaking process thanks to its creator with her unique (from the point of view of an ordinary school) approach to making children study without getting any marks. I see now that her method works. It’s connected with a lot of practice in all the modules of the language. My teacher of the English language is always reminding us that “Education is self-education; the teacher is only a guide in it”. I remember her saying that 80% of the material under study must be done by us at home and only 20% under the teacher’s guidance. I quite agree to this idea as the knowledge found by the person himself is remembered and valued by him more than the one given by some other people. Don’t you agree? Maybe somebody of you learns English the way I do and it is a normal thing for you? Then share your opinion about your way of learning foreign languages and the result it gives. Maybe you can advise me something?!
Write! I would be very grateful!
P.S. My name is Julia or simply Yulya.

Author Answer
24-10-13 22:05
Study these words with your teacher
28-01-08 10:28
so nice of u Yulya :)
i worked as a teacher few years ago, n the method u r talking bout is so brilliant. it's a pity i didn't know bout it.
u know what, i think we should meet or whatever, n discuss evrth concerning this method. R u from Almaty? i'd be gratefull if u'll contact me asap! e-mail me vivid84@gmail.com looking forward 4 u dear :)
Best Regards,

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