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Topic: Love or money - which is important?

Author Message
15-02-08 15:50
Hi, everybody! I want to talk about my problem. I'm 22 and I think it's high time to get married. I have a boyfriend. We've been going out for 6 months.He loves me very much and so do I. But recently I've met another guy. I don't say that I like him, but he's very rich. How do u think - will I be right if I choose the second. What do u think about marriage by richness? Please, give me some advice.

Author Answer
16-01-13 19:08
Dear Ainura!
as you know nowadays a lot of people think only about money, but as you see money is not forever, today he has money, tomorrow will not have.. it is okay that you have a dillema and you can not choose what is better for you,also you are women that is why you have to think about your future children`s life, but you have to know that people can not buy love, love is the most beautiful in the world, and in your place, really, i do not know what i choose, but you know that if you loved each other you will have to be together!! think carefully!
good luck!
05-04-08 13:08
giving advice is much easier than make an action. So if you already met your deserved half, if he and you fell in love and promised never part with each other, marry to your own boyfriend! Don't be greedy. Big love creates big happiness; you can not compare money and love - they are not comparable concepts.
Good luck,
02-04-08 09:43
hello some time ago one of my friends found me a pensioner, he was rich but alone, she said I would just look after him help with household so on, when he dies his pension and apartment in rich district would be mine. of course, I got to marry him, this old degrading organism, I thought that I would live in his apartment and see if I could stand that old farter. Only a week was enough for me to escape from this old farting organism. He was impotent but it did not prevent him from wanting sex! he was almost 90! he said that I must sleep with him! How dare he! I got nervous break down, it was not in the agreement, I said to myself that I am clever and young, I can earn money myself, than waiting the time when he dies. Also I understood that, of course having fun is good, but you have to bear child bring him/her up and in your old age you will sit with your relative people from your own blood.
01-04-08 12:30
hi my advise this,don't throw out your lovely guy.he lovs you.one day he wil become richer than these gay.don't lose your happy future.money is the second place.
01-04-08 11:22
both are normally important :-) but feelings should go first anyway
money may add to your happiness if only spent with the person you love

не важно ОНА
21-03-08 01:39
HI honey! Listen, Moldir! She is right!
19-03-08 12:07
Marry me i'm richer than second boy
19-03-08 12:07
Money, money and money
18-03-08 20:37
I totally agree with Moldir. If the person you love is clever enough, he can become rich too. Then your life will be even more exciting. The rich guy you met can have other women too. So, you may not be the only person in his life.
19-02-08 13:33
Ainura, hi! I want to say my opinion for your situation. I think that the love is the the main thing in life of person with heart. And why you interests in money,when you have your lovely fellow. If i were you, i'll check a person, i love. I can't see the happy life without love. And listen your heart! I'am sure, it wants to spent it's life with your love!!!

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