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Topic: summer job in turkey

Author Message
alp er
gunduzjewellery yahoo.de
16-02-09 22:24
need photographer,masoz and masor for 5*Hotels in Antalya,bodrum,kusadasi

Author Answer
15-03-11 14:14
what kind of job? r u kiddin ??
U have to write exact work that r really needed so I am waiting
04-03-11 10:42
look for iwork in turkey

Lusa Marta
tel. 464-70-43
8 (063) 992-46-47
Turkey : 0532 474 53 25

Personal Details Date of birth: 30 december 1986
Marital status:not married
Qualities / interests: Punctuality, responsibility, tactfulness, politeness, learn fast.
Hobby: reading, travel, foreign languages, photo, snowboard.
Education 2004-2009
Kiev university tourism, economy and law
hotel and restaurant business
Course of turkish

practice Kyiv"
Carried out such position requirements, namely:
•Receiving and transferring calls
•Receiving, transferring and sending faxes
•Receiving, sending and registering regular and courier mail
•Meeting guests
•Booking restaurants, meeting rooms, taxis etc.
•Running related document flow
Additional Skills Languages: English –Intermediate level
turkish – Elementary level
Russian -fluent
Ukrainian- native

Computer skills: Windows, Word for Windows, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer
Driving Licence: Driving Licence Category B

Professional experience: Personal Assistant to CEO (Hotel)

- Organization, planning, motivation and control work in hotels and offices;

- Negotiation with partners.

- Training and education pratsivnikiv bar and restaurant in the Hotel;

- Communication with hotel guests;

- Reception and guest satisfaction with the complaint;

- Monitor and maintain order;

- Attracting customers

- Search for new employees

- Interviewing

- Work with documents

- Treatment of the primary input data;

- Reception and distribution of incoming calls;

- The organization and record meetings, conferences;
- Implementation of Large head

27-01-11 13:48
Application for the Post of Laboratory Engineer

Umid Y.G
118/6 Kokand
Fergana, Uzbekistan

Skills Competences

I have a professional knowledge about all laboratory, field tests and documentation have a fair knowledge of the field.

Ability to hard work, longtime work positive thinking.
Very good leadership qualities and group works.
Familiar with Microsoft office package.

Personal Details

Name in full Yusupaliyev Umid Ganiyevich
Date Of Birth June 07, 1988.
Gender Male
Country of residence Uzbekistan

Marital Status Single
Career Objectives I would like to apply for the post of Laboratory Engineer & I hope to be Material Engineer through my career in the field.
Total Years of Experience 2 Year & 7 months

Work Experience

Employer 01 Registone road project
Address Tashkent Hamid Olimjon street
Country Uzbekistan
Project Road project at Uzbekistan
Position AutoCAD engineer
Worked period From February 17st 2009 to Jule 30th 2009

Employer 02

Bridge project
Address Tashkent
Country Uzbekistan
Project “Gulistan –Axangaran a/r bridge project”
Position Technical Officer
Worked period From September 18th 2010 to May 29rd 2010

Employer 03 POSCO Engineering and Construction
Address Project office Afrosiob st,28/14 and Turtkul city
Country Karakalpagistan and Uzbekistan
Project Asian Development Bank Loan 2403-UZB CAREC RREGIONAL ROAD PROJECT Reconstruction of A 380 Road
Position Laboratory Technician
Worked period From September 7th 2010 …
Key Responsibilities I have been do many laboratory testing GOST method ( Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt concrete Water & etc ),


Elementary Education Certificate
School №-27
Country Uzbekistan
Year 1995/1999

Secondary Education Certificate
Lyceum Turkish lyceum
Country Uzbekistan
Year 2000/2004

Upper Secondary Education Certificate
School №-14
Country Uzbekistan
Year 2004/2006

Higher Education
Institution Tashkent Automobile Road Construction Institution
Country Uzbekistan
Year 2006/2010

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Read Write Speak

English Good Good Good
Excellent Excellent Excellent
Excellent Excellent Excellent



I certify that the above information is true & accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature :

Date : 21 January 2010

24-07-09 21:57
Bekbolatov Alimzhan Berikbayevich

Date of both: 25.05.1987
Place of both: The Public Kazakhstan, NКR, Village Torkul Mobile tel. +7 701 251 70 10
+7 701 740 31 21
+7 705 173 25 12

In that time place of my leaving: c. Алmaty st. Zharokova house №199 flats 4
e-mail: alimjanbek87@rambler.ru

Purpose: To find work position in field of Electrical Supply
Almaty Institute of power Engineering and Telecommunication
2005-2009 Got Diploma by specialty: Power Engineering:
Bachelor (state educational grant)

Faculty: Electrical Supply in industrial enterprises

Time of graduation school:
1994 - 2005 Secondary school «Kokoral»
Production practices :
31.06.08 – 18.07.08 Kentau Transformer Plant (Kentau)
construction transformers
Pregradauation practices:
31.06.09– 18.07.09 Ontustik Zharik (Chimkent)

work in the substation

inspection electrical equipments

dispatcher work

Languages: Kazakh (native)

Russian (freely)

English (upper-intermediate)

29.10.08 - 29.12.08 AutoCAD, DiaLux
Skills (knowledge) of Computer: experimental user
Experience work by programmes: pocket MS Office, Electronic
Workbench, Per, Lab View, Mat Lab.
Personality quality:
commutability, ability of working in the collective, responsibility,
pupose to the result, analytical opinion
alp er
gunduzjewellery yahoo.de
26-05-09 16:00
new positions for "summer job in turkey"
photographer,cashier,salesman/woman for jewellery leather and silver

alp er
gunduzjewellery yahoo.de
26-05-09 15:55
to:anser kiani
contac please with a email
anser kiani
19-05-09 14:55
looking for job

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